12th Follow-Up Meeting

The members of the Sound of Ice project consortium held the 12th Follow Up online meeting on 18th of December. The concluding meeting of the year for the European project “Sound of Ice” brought together consortium partners to reflect on the progress made throughout the year and to strategize for the challenges ahead in 2024.

The gathering served as a pivotal moment for the project, fostering collaboration and addressing key milestones achieved. During the meeting, participants engaged in a comprehensive review of the work undertaken in the past year.

The Sound of Ice project, with its focus on understanding the acoustic properties of ice formations, has made substantial strides in advancing scientific knowledge. Researchers and experts shared insights into their findings, discussing breakthroughs and innovations that have emerged from the collaborative efforts of the consortium.

As the project moves into the next phase, the partners delved into the challenges that lie ahead. One notable undertaking in 2024 is the organization of a scientific symposium within the framework of the Spring Meeting of the European Materials Research Society (E-MRS). The symposium entitled Materials technologies for controlling liquid-surface interactions from wetting to icing will provide a platform for researchers to present their latest discoveries and exchange ideas with the the scientific community currently working on this topic.