About Sound of Ice


Sound of Ice (SOI) is a scientific project whose objective is to develop a smart, energy-efficient, environmentally safe and autonomously operated de-icing procedure based on surface acoustic transducers integrated over large area substrates.

This will be achieved through the surface microengineering of systems capable of exciting plate and Rayleigh waves onto a variety of materials and that may incorporate anti-icing layers and SAW sensors, allowing operation according to predefined feedback algorithms.


  • Integration of surface acoustic wave systems for de-icing and monitoring


  • Advanced surface engineering methodologies for the integration of (s)AW transducers on any substrate


  • Understanding the water molecules excitation by (s)AW at the ice interface


  • Smart and Autonomous de-icing operation and proof of concept engineering

Work packages

WP1: Single-(s)AW devices for de-icing and monitoring

WP2: Surface Engineering of active, passive and smart multi-(s)AW devices

WP3: Modelling and simulation of de-icing by (s)AW

WP4: Icing / Functional / Aging tests of (s)AW devices and components

WP5: Proof-of-concept of smart (s)AW device over larger area and validation

WP6: Communication, dissemination and IPR protection