European research project for the development of a new intelligent de-icing technology


H2020-FET OPEN- GA Nº: 899352

Synergistic anti-icing de-icing


Smart De-Icing

Acoustic waves


4th Face to Face Meeting in Warsaw

Last February, TECPAR hosted us at the facilities of the Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering (Warsaw University of Technology) to celebrate the 4th Face to Face Meeting of the project.

11F Woman and girl in science

ICMSE (CSIC) goes to educational centers in Seville to spread science and promote scientific vocations among girls. The team will disseminate the Sound of Ice project to more than 500 students.

Success of Sound of Ice at EMRS

More than fifty researchers have presented their contributions to the advancement in material engineering, e.g. on roughness, surface energy, and geometry, that allows controlling the liquid-surface interaction.

Coordinated by the Nanotechnology on Surfaces and Plasma Lab, Materials Science Institute of Seville (ICMS)
SOUNDofICE is a Project funded by the European Commission through the H2020-FETOPEN-2018-2019-2020-01 GA Nº: 899352 

International consortium