35th Conference on Surface Modification Technologies

Oral contribution: Flame sprayed slippery liquid infused porous surfaces (FS-SLIPS) – From material selection to icephobicity
Dr. Betül Actas, et al.

International Conference on Icing of Aircraft, Engines, and Structures

Presentation+Technical paper: Could Superhydrophobic Surfaces be a Realistic Solution for Running-Wet Areas?
Dr. Julio Mora, et al.

LVIII Congress of the Spanish Society of Ceramics and Glass

Plenary-speaker: Functional applications of nanostructured surfaces: from wetting to energy harvesting

Dr. Ana Isabel Borras Martos et al.

16th International Conference on Nanostructured Materials (NANO2022)

Oral presentation: Smart surfaces with tunable wettability

Dr. Carmen López Santos et al.

Ph.D. Talk Isla de la Cartuja Scientific Research Center

Invited talk: Development of anti-ice and omniphobic coatings as supported nanomaterials
Mrs. L. Montes-Montañez et al.

IXIX Meeting of the Specialized Group on Inorganic Chemistry -XIII Meeting of the Specialized Group of Solid State Chemistry (QIES 2022)

Invited presentation: Synthesis and applications of multifunctional 3D nanoarchitectures
Dr. Ana Borrás et al.

Acoustofluidics 2022

Flash presentation: Acoustic wave activation of the growth of dielectric and metal thin films by plasma deposition techniques
Dr. Ana Isabel Borrás

Flash presentation: Compact micro-acoustic liquid atomizers
Dr. Andreas Winkler

Poster presentation: A holistic solution to icing by acoustic waves on piezoelectric plates
Mr. Jaime del Moral et al.




Invited presentation: Latest advances in wetting tunable and anti-icing surfaces by plasma deposition and laser patterning
Dr. Carmen López Santos

Poster contribution: PECVD of ZnO and CFX thin films for multifunctional anti-icing and de-icing acoustic wave devices
Mr. Jaime del Moral Jalón

Poster contribution: Plasma assisted fabrication of photocatalytic TiO2 surfaces with 1D to 3D nanoarchitectures
Mrs. Laura Montes Montáñez et al.



Past conferences


240th Electrochemical Society Meeting (ECS Meeting)
Invited talk: Supported Core@Multishell Nanowires and nanotubes as a Platform for Water Management and Energy Harvesting
L. Montes-Montañez, A. Ghaffarinejad, A. Borras, et al.

240th Electrochemical Society Meeting (ECS Meeting)
Poster: Hierarchical photocatalytic surfaces: From 1D to 3D photoactive TiO2 nanotubes grown by plasma-assisted deposition techniques.
L. Montes et al.

VEBLEO Webinar (virtual). Webinar on materials science, engineering and technology
Keynote lecture: Nanostructure and microstructure control via laser line scanning
G. F. de la Fuente

47th International Conference on Metallurgical Coatings and Thin Films (virtual conference). TS1 Anti- and De-Icing Surface Engineering
Oral presentation: Fluorination of aluminum surfaces as a general strategy to induce an effective anti-icing response
M.C. López-Santos et al.

47th International Conference on Metallurgical Coatings and Thin Films (virtual conference). TS1 Anti- and De-Icing Surface Engineering
Oral presentation: Icephobic coatings by thermal spraying as surface engineering technique
H. Koivuluoto et al.

2nd Virtual Congress on Materials Science & Engineering
Oral presentation: Laser Line Processing, Simulation and Experiments.
H. Santos et al. Materials Info 2021, 1, 84.

2nd Spanish Icing Platform Conference - Facing the Ice Issue: Science and Industry Advancing Together



World Materials Day. Faculty of Physics (University of Sevilla)
Invited seminar: Thin films and multifunctional nanostructures by vacuum and plasma techniques
M.C. López-Santos

VIII Conference on Research, Development, and Innovation and opening of the 2021/22 course of the Doctorate Program in Installations and Systems for Industry. Escuela Politécnica Superior (University of Sevilla)
Oral presentation: Nanotechnology through vacuum and plasma to combat the formation of ice on surfaces of industrial interest
M.C. López-Santos


Departament de Química Inorgànica i Orgànica. Secció de Química Inorgànica. Facultat de Química. Universidad de Barcelona. Master of Applied Chemistry in Materials
Invited seminar: Introduction to vacuum and plasma fabrication and applications of supported and functional nanomaterials
A. Borrás

European Innovation Council: EIC Pathfinder. Webinar by Junta de Andalucía (Spain)
Invited seminar: The point of view of the coordinator: project SOUNDofICE
A. Borrás