Resounding success of the EMRS symposium

The symposium “Materials technologies for controlling liquid-surface interactions from wetting to icing” organized by the Sound of Ice and Surf ice project teams within the framework of the EMRS Spring Meeting. More than fifty researchers have presented their contributions to the advancement in material engineering, e.g. on roughness, surface energy, and geometry, that allows controlling the liquid-surface interaction.

The conference, held between May 27 and 29 in Strasbourg, had the collaboration of the Wiley publishing house through the magazine Advanced Engineering Materials, who will publish all the papers shown during the conference in a special edition.

Furthermore, at the end of the day, the researcher from the Sound of Ice team, Laura Montes Montáñez, won the award for the best oral presentation with the conference entitled Development of superhydrophobic transparent surfaces by laser and fluorinated grafting treatments with anti-icing applications.

At the end of the symposium, the organizers Ana Borras (Soound of Ice project coordinator, CSIC), Anna Maria Coclite (Graz University of Technology), Rafal Kozera (Technology Partners Foundation), Tanmoy Maitra (Imerys Technology Center (ITC), Yanlin Song (Key Laboratory of Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Science) agreed on the positive balance of the celebration of this symposium in which a hot topic was debated that is showing great scientific and technological results in different strategic industrial sectors.