4th Face to Face Meeting in Warsaw

The 4th Face-to-face Meeting of the Sound of Ice project held last February in Warsaw (Poland) was held as stakeholders gathered to discuss the latest developments and achievements of the project. Over several days, participants engaged in rigorous discussions, exchanged ideas, and delved into the progress of the project.

The focus of the meeting was the last results obtained by the Sound of Ice project. Through collaborative efforts and innovative approaches, significant progress had been made in understanding the complexities of ice dynamics and their implications for various industries. From cutting-edge research to practical applications, the project demonstrated its commitment to advancing knowledge and fostering sustainable solutions.

A pivotal session with the Advisory Board took place on the final day, marking a important milestone in the project’s journey. Representatives of the companies and institutions had the opportunity to witness first-hand the tangible results obtained in the project. Presentations showcasing achievements and progress elicited enthusiastic responses as participants recognized the impact of the project.

The Advisory Council session served as a platform for a fruitful exchange, where industry experts shared their ideas, provided valuable feedback and offered perspectives on future directions. Through open dialogue and collaborative discourse, a collective vision emerged for the continued success of the project, reinforced by the synergy between academia and industry.

On the other hand, the partners discussed the latest details of the symposium they are organizing within the framework of the E-MRS Spring Meeting entitled “Materials technologies for controlling liquid-surface interactions from wetting to icing” together with Dr. Ana Maria Coclite’s team.

Finally, the meeting it not only celebrated past achievements, but also laid the foundation for future challenges, driven by a shared commitment to innovation, collaboration and sustainability. Among these projects is the industrial workshop that the Sound of Ice team plans to organize for November 2024.